Water Sports

Jet Ski

Rule the lake as you take off on the Jet Ski into incredible speed and sprints through the surface of The Salter Lake at Canary Islands.


Paddle through the tranquil lake at Maharashtra’s 1st Island resort and enjoy the calm.

Aqua Cycling

Grab a 2 Seater water cycle and traverse the lake with your loved one.

Balloon Zorb

Get in and set it rolling, go far as you can and witness fun-filled adventure with your fam gang or your crazy bunch of friends.

Banana Ride

Enjoy the splashes of the waves as the boat skips and hops over and through the water & witness the thrilling experience over a banana ride with your crazy gang.

Stay with a beautiful view

Signature Experiences

Champagne Breakfast

We, the team, at CANARY ISLANDS RESORT AND SPA specialize in curating a experience by starting your day with breakfast in the pool , by the pool or in the raft set afloat on the lake.
Upon prior request the day before.

Moonlight Dinner

Sip the finest champagne, savour the best of cheese, prime meat , bite into the freshest vegetables from our organic garden. Our Chefs would enhance your dining experience for the evening.
Upon prior request the day before.

Picnic Trails

The Food and Beverage team would be eager to collate a dining experience in the forest around the property and the beach. A picnic hamper would be prepared and served by our associate exclusively attending to you.
Upon prior request the day before.

Pluck to Platter

Soak your soul, heart and body to the pristine nature by taking a trip to hillock two from the boat. A lush tropical tree already ear marked awaits you to elevate you to a place of peace and tranquillity. Place your palm against the tree, soak in the goodness of nature and feel inner peace
Upon prior request the day before.

Forest Bath

Be escorted to our organic garden for a reaping experience by our horticulturist and one of our Chefs. Pick and pluck the vegetables and herbs of your choice to be transformed into a gourmet meal.
Upon prior request the day before.

Forest Spa

An extension of our Scarlet Spa offers various treatments and massages in a secluded open forest . Ideal for a couples therapy.
Upon prior request the day before.


Time to pick up a fishing rod and catch fresh water fish, plentiful in the lake. Choose your own spot or be guided by our experts for a delightful experience. Watch your catch being grilled, baked, roasted and served to you.
Upon prior request the day before.

Walk Trail

– Wake up at the crack of dawn for a trek that is both exhilarating and good for both mind and soul
– Carry a small knapsack with bottled water a gronalla bar and fresh cut fruit